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New Beauty Magazine – “Ask Dr. Joseph” What health and beauty tips really make a difference in the way we look? Stay out of the sun, don’t smoke cigaretts, choose your parents wisely – only kidding, and find yourself a competent facial plastic surgeon.


Harper’s Bazaar – “The Eye Guy” To keep celebrity clients looking natural, Dr. Joseph weaves sutures underneath lid of skin, eliminating even the slightest possibility of visible scars.


W Magazine – “Photo-Shoot Eyes” Very few visible scars Almost no bruisng, with a quick and easy recovery.


LA Magazine – “Dr. Joseph is on everyone’s list for eye-lifts, he’s known for tiny incisions”.


W Magazine – “Dr. Joseph , disciple of Frank Kamer, is a favorite amoung movie stars for his precision eyelifts”.


LA Magazine – “Eye Expert” – Dr. Joseph believes that less is more. Dr. Joseph notes a move away from the old approach – aggressive skin removal in the eye area that creates the “pulled tight” look – toward a more natural aesthetic.