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Otoplasty Beverly Hills

The most common cosmetic complaint that people have with their ears is that they protrude out from the head. An otoplasty is an operation that “pins back” the ears to keep them flat against the head. The surgery can be performed on a patient of any age after 5 years old. The incisions are placed along the back of the ear and the patient is required to wear a bulky dressing around the head for approximately 2 to 3 days. The sutures are usually the dissolvable kind but Dr. Joseph requires that the patient come in the day after surgery for a post-operative check-up appointment and then again 5 to 7 days later.

Ear Pinning

Known as otoplasty, surgery begins with an incision just behind the ear, in the natural fold where the ear is joined to the head. The necessary amount of cartilage and skin required to achieve the right effect will be removed. In some cases, cartilage will be trimmed, shaping it into a more desirable form and then pinned back with permanent sutures to secure the cartilage.

In other instances, no cartilage will be removed at all, and only stitches placed to hold the cartilage permanently in place. After sculpting the cartilage to the desired shape, the surgeon will apply sutures to anchor the ear until healing occurs to hold the ear in the desired position.