Dr. John Dr. John H. Joseph is a Facial Plastic Surgeon who has a prominent practice in Encino and is an Assistant clinical Professor at UCLA. He specializes in Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery but is also involved in congenital and traumatic facial reconstructive cases. Read more
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News and Press   New Beauty Magazine - "Ask Dr. Joseph" What health and beauty tips really make a difference in the way we look? Stay out of the sun, don't smoke cigaretts, choose your parents wisely - only kidding, and find yourself a competent facial plastic surgeon.
News and Press   Harper's Bazaar - "The Eye Guy" To keep celebrity clients looking natural, Dr. Joseph weaves sutures underneath lid of skin, eliminating even the slightest possibility of visible scars.
News and Press   W Magazine - "Photo-Shoot Eyes" Very few visible scars Almost no bruisng, with a quick and easy recovery.
News and Press LA Magazine - "Dr. Joseph is on everyone's list for eye-lifts, he's known for tiny incisions".
News and Press W Magazine - "Dr. Joseph , disciple of Frank Kamer, is a favorite amoung movie stars for his precision eyelifts".
News and Press LA Magazine - "Eye Expert" - Dr. Joseph believes that less is more. Dr. Joseph notes a move away from the old approach - aggressive skin removal in the eye area that creates the "pulled tight" look - toward a more natural aesthetic.

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