Dr. John Dr. John H. Joseph is a Facial Plastic Surgeon who has a prominent practice in Beverly Hills and is an Assistant clinical Professor at UCLA. He specializes in Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery but is also involved in congenital and traumatic facial reconstructive cases. Read more
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Aging, heredity, skin abuse, smoking and over- exposure to the sun may eventually cause the temples, eyebrows and forehead to relax or droop. Loose skin may develop around the upper and lower eyelids as well as fatty deposits which can cause bulging or puffiness. The result is a tired, sad, and aged look. Eyelid and or forehead surgery can improve this tired, sad look and make you look refreshed and rejuvenated. Eyelid problems are corrected by an operation called blepharoplasty. A browlift alleviates the drooping brow and wrinkles of the forehead but is a separate procedure from eyelid surgery. Dr. Joseph can recommend which surgery is right for you. A blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids to remove skin and fatty tissue. Incisions are made behind the eyelid or in the natural skin folds of the eyelids so that they are virtually unnoticeable. The incision for the browlift is usually hidden behind the hairline but the incision line can vary depending on the patientís hairline. There are 3 types of forehead lifts: a coronal, modified coronal and endoscopic. Dr. Joseph will recommend which one is right for you. Botox or Dysport injections are recommended for lines of the forehead and around the eyes as a temporary alternative to surgery. See the Botox/Dysport section for more information.

Both the eyelid surgery and browlift surgery are performed at Brighton Medical Corporation, an Accredited out-patient surgical center. These procedures \can be done under a light intravenous sedation but may also be done under general anesthesia. The patient is required to have a responsible adult pick them up from the surgical center and stay with them the first night. Surgical fees, pre-operative and post-operative instructions are given at the time of the consultation. The patient is responsible for reading these instructions thoroughly prior to surgery.

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